Mission of CCGrass related to Climate Change:

The CCGrass is considered one of the world’s best artificial turf supplier companies. Synthetic turf is used at various places such as in sports grounds, interior designing, commercial areas and many such sites. As CCGrass is an artificial grass manufacturing company with state-of-the-art techniques and quality, it also ensures the use of renewable energy and green life around it.

CCGrass has the mission to make all its products, innovations, and developments while keeping an eye on sustainable environmental standards. CCGrass makes quality products and has an approach toward a sustainable future. It is committed to striving for excellence while maintaining ecological protection and contributing the society. Climate change is the main issue for humankind and is much nurtured by the manufacturing industries. But, CCGrass does not keep a blind eye to carbon emissions and is much concerned about the climate. At CCGrass, carbon emissions are strictly monitored. Working professionals take a holistic approach to the environmental impact caused by the manufacturing g of artificial turfs. Let’s discuss the uses and recycling of the products.

Use of Renewable Energy in CCGrass:

CCGrass generates 8 million kWh of electricity with the help of solar panels. This installation of solar panels to get renewable energy prevents the release of almost 4880 tons of Carbon dioxide annually. This system also prevents 3200tons of coal from burning, 2176 tons of carbon dust, 240 tons of Sulphur dioxide and 120 tons of nitrogen oxides. With the help of GrassCool series technology, CCGrass has installed an energy-saving design. This technology increases the reflection of sunlight, reduces the consumption power in cooling, and decreases thermal absorption. CCGrass takes the meaning actions to reduce the consumption of natural resources and works on recycling the resources.

Recycling of the Products:

As mentioned earlier, CCGrass works on environmental standards and believes in recycling waste products. The working professionals make the artificial turfs to become 100% recyclable. So this process contributes to green life and sustainable development. The manufacturing of artificial turfs uses latex or PU systems that are not easily recyclable. This was the primary concern for the design professionals of CCGrass. It was not sustainable and was not working with the green living standards. This problem was sorted out using a new technique known as PRT. PRT is 100% recyclable, and it ends the disposal issues. This makes the products 100% recyclable, and products are aligned with the green life technique.

Along with PRT, one more technique is Recyclable X, which is mainly used for landscape grass. It causes 100% recyclability and makes the product very light and flexible. The usage of this technique also affects the use of energy. It costs less energy and hence results in fewer carbon emissions. It is totally recyclable when it gets disposed of and is easy to be transported from one place to the other.



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